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Growing up on a farm in Northern Minnesota, Don Shaw's vision became reality in 1983 when he purchased his first truck, a 1978 Ford LT 9000. He drove the wheels off this truck working long hours, hauling pulp to the paper mills. This hard work paid off for him. Within 3 years ShawTrucking had grown to a fleet of 5 trucks, working both in the wood industry and diversifying with liquid bulk trailers, transporting milk from dairy farms to the cheese factory in South Dakota.

FullSizeRenderIn 1988 a big change came to his family with the premature birth of his son. Due to his son’s medical needs, the tanker and the logging trucks were sold. Keeping 1 tractor for himself, he made the move to the Twin Cities which brought Shaw Trucking into the construction world.

Throughout the years, Don has built the company to expand from not only providing trucking services to customers and contractors, but into site preparation, adding heavy equipment and acquiring pit sites for both import and export materials.

Don’s motto of hard work and commitment to excellent service is what has built Shaw Trucking, Inc. into the premier trucking company it is today.  No job is too large or too small.  Shaw Trucking has the experienced management team, dedicated employees and the right equipment to handle any size trucking and material project.  The wide variety of trucking and heavy equipment services along with various material sources, make Shaw Trucking a versatile company ready to handle any size job. Trucking services include: Tri, Quad and Quint Axle Dump Trucks, Belly, Side, and Demo End Dumps, as well as Flat Beds and a 7 Axle Low-Boy to transport your heavy equipment.


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Over the past 35+ years, Shaw Trucking, Inc. has built a reputation of being a reliable and trusted company.  We are proud of who we are and have not forgotten where we came from.